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Greetings! We've moved our book, magazine, and DVD sales off the dedicated site. You can still buy our material on our Amazon or Ebay stores! To see what's currently available, just click on one of those links.

If you're looking for instant gratification, you can buy a membership to House of Gord, the original home of Ultra Tight Bondage since 1998. This will give you immediate access to over a thousand updates with high quality photos, video, and commentary. Gord, the master of Forniphilia, specializes in developing and building the most insane bondage equipment ever made. Featuring imaginitive forniphilia, pony play, and original machines and bondage equipment, the site includes a huge variety of catsuited and naked bondage with over a hundred different models.

If you're just looking for a single scene, you can also buy updates on GordStore. Our full-length movies will be showing up for download there over time.

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